3D Map for the “Winds of Winter” 9 Player Game

Just wanted to share with you a project I did at the end of last year. It’s the 3D map for the 9 player “The Winds of Winter” board game. It was a lot of fun making it, but it was a lot more fun to play it. Adds a whole new dimension to the board game!

Important Request

March 11th, 2019

Please help us in getting the official GOT board game tournament started by filling out this survey that we will share with the creators of the board game: Fantasy Flight Games


A Dance With Dragons


You can expand your official “A Dance with Dragons’ expansion with “A Feat for Crows” objectives feature.

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A Feast For Crows

If you would like to enhance your official “A Feast For Crows” expansion with House Arryn tokens and home screen.

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The Winds of Winter


This is an unofficial 9 Player “The Winds of Winter” expansion that has many new features.

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Objective Cards for A Dance with Dragons Expansion

If you really enjoyed the new objectives feature of the Feast for Crows expansion and would like to play the same style but with six people, I have good news for you. In collaboration with a friend, I have created the objective cards for the official A Dance with Dragons expansion. The objective cards are balanced to be played with the official expansion and give you a brand new experience every time you play…

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Please note that all of the art found in this expansion either came from the original board game, or from the Google images search. I do not own or pretend to own any of them, they belong to the artists that made them, enjoy them and support the artists if you can!