dance-with-dragons-packageObjective Cards for A Dance with Dragons Expansion

If you really enjoyed the new objectives feature of the Feast for Crows expansion and would like to play the same style but with six people, I have good news for you. In collaboration with a friend (Szasse from Reddit), I have created the objective cards for the official A Dance with Dragons expansion. The objective cards are balanced to be played with the official expansion and give you a brand new experience every time you play!

After playing and really loving the official Feast for Crows expansion, I really wanted to play the same game but with six people and not four. Just around a time I was planning to design objective cards, I got an email from a person who was also interested in the same thing. We decided to create the objective cards not for the basic Game of Thrones board game, but for the official “A Dance with Dragons” expansion. We felt that the expansion was a better choice because it pits people against each other at the start and will make of objectives harder to achieve. Therefore, all of the objective cards are balanced to be played with the official “A Dance with Dragons” expansion.




Above you can see an example of relatively easy objective to achieve and and example of a lore-based objectives like “King in the North, “The Storm King” and “King of The Rock”.


This is an example of the house specific objective.

As always, you can find all of the files you need to create this expansion in the drop box. All of the files have been laid out for easy printing, if you do not wish to use label sheet paper for this, then you can just print them back to back, everything should be aligned perfectly.

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