1. Introduction
  2. Paint
  3. The Map
  4. House Cards, Tokens, Orders and Home Screens
  5. Wildlings cards and the 4th deck
  6. Castles, Barrels and Influence Tracks Tokens

1. Introduction

This expansion is set at the beginning of the Winds of Winter book and is designed to be played by 9 people.

  • New, larger map. The new map is enlarged with more territories, more castles and more starting houses!
  • 9 Available houses to play
  • Each color has it’s own color, house cards and home screens
  • New starting positions for all houses
  • New “Deck IV” that comes to play at round 5 to make the game more dynamic
  • Enhancement to Wildling deck to balance for 9 players
  • Ready to go files, download, print and cut!

This expansion was made by me and my girlfriend in maybe 2-3 days, not counting the two weeks or so of Photoshop work I had to do before. It took us a while to figure out the best way to do it. We tried different ways of printing the maps, of doing the tokens, orders and even tried to make the new units (foot soldiers and knights) from clay. So you can consider this guide as the “best way” to do this. Or at least the best and easiest way we found.

In order to make this game you will require 2 copies of the original game, you will use the units from the 2nd copy to make units for the new houses. Here is a link to the game on the Fantasy Flight Game’s website. You can find a place where to buy the original board on boardgamegeek.com.

If you are wondering how exactly to create these pieces, then you can do what I did. I bought label paper sheets with matte finish online at www.onlinelabels.com, the exact sheets I bought are 8.5″ x 11″ (Product code OL177WX), they come in packets of 100 and cost around $12. Once you have them, I just printed all the images, cut them out and labeled them on a ticker stock paper. That’s it!

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2. Paint

In order to make the units for the new expansion houses, you will require some paint. We tried making the units from clay, but it’s much easier and cheaper to just color the units from the extra copy of the game. So here are the colors we used, they work really well for us.

  • Red paint to make House Bolton units.
  • Light Blue pait for House Arryn.
  • Purple for Daenerys Targaryen.

All of the houses for the expansion are expected to have the following:

  • 24 Power Tokens, 7 Boats, 5 Knights, 2 Siege Engines, 12 Footmen

From your 2nd copy of the game, take the additional units and add them to the following houses to complete the set: Winterfell (will be Aegon Targaryen), Baratheon, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell,Lannisters. For the new 3 houses you have to paint the units yourself.

Creating House Boldton Pieces


Painting House Arryn and Targaryen Pieces

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3. The Map

I first tried to get my map printed at an Office Depot, that the price would have been something like $150 for a print on the cardboard and another 100 to laminate. So I looked around and managed to find a local print shop in Toronto that printed the map on a plastic like banner material and laminated for $90 altogether. So now I am able to roll up the map and as soon as I unroll it, it just lays flat with no problems!

The map version I used is called “map.jpg” and it’s 22.7inches by 56 inches, because that’s how big my game table is 🙂

I live in toronto and this is the print shop I used:

Canclone Services Inc.
3267 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
Toronto, ON M8V 1M2
416 620-6933

The full map unfolded

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4. House Cards, Tokens, Orders and Home Screens

This is perhaps the easiest but the most time consuming part of the whole process. All you need to do is to download all of the game files and print them. I bought clear white label sheets with matte finish, so I was able to just print all of the images, then cut them up and label them together.

For house cards, I printed both sides on different sheets, then cut them up. Put a face card on one side of the thicker stock paper, and then stick the back side.

Creating House Cards

For the influence tokens and orders, I used spare tokens from the 2nd copy of the game, and just labeled the new house tokens over them to make the sets for Bolton, Arryn and both Targaryens. I used a scalpel in order to make sure that all tokens are precisely cut.

Home screens are essentially the same idea, I printed the face side and labeled it to the stock card. Printed and labeled the back. After
this is completed all you have to do is to create a “bend” area in the right place to make sure the home card can be bend easily.

Creating Home Screens


Creating Home Screen for Arryn and Targaryen

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5. Wildlings cards and the 4th deck

The source files all have a new version of the Wildlings cards. I had to re-create them in order to make the penalties slightly harsher.
The original game’s cards were designed for a maximum of 6 people game, so I had to rebalance them. The procedure to make them is simply: print, cut, and label.

New Wildlings Deck


Deck IV. If you look carefully on the new map, at round 5 there is a “IV” symbol. This means that the “IV” deck needs to be played. Although it can be optional, I highly recommend using it, the penalties and benefits of this deck can shift the balance of power by creating  opportunities not previously seen. For example the ability to pass rivers, not being able to use support or to trigger a supply card. During our play we found that in a 9 version game, adding an extra unpredictability factor increased the fun level significantly! People who had the strategy planned could be forced to go on a defense, or had their whole plans ruined. I highly recommend using this!

Expansion Deck IV

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6. Castles, Barrels and Influence Tracks Tokens

These are straight forward, print them and label to the spare pieces from 2nd copy of the game.


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