Good news everyone,

Just wanted to share you with a new mini project I did at the end of last year. Life has been pretty busy lately (I’m now a dad!) but before it got busy I created a 3D version of the game for 9 Player Winds of Winter expansion.

I will put some descriptions of the process as I go, but if people have more question or want to see the new border and unique castles, I will update and add more pictures.

We tried to make the board as flat as possible so that it would still be possible to play on it and not just look at how pretty it is. As you can see all the fortresses are now unique castles with their own designs and the home of the one true King Stannis Baratheon is now an actual DRAGON. That’s right, the castle looks like a dragon!

Here is a castle of Pyke. It was made with the same clay as the board, made to look like the pictures and the TV show castle and painted black. I think it came out very nicely.

Castle Black came out very nicely, it looks very good against the wall. Again, we tried to be as close to TV as possible, but there is only so much you can do when you are not an artist.


And here you can see the rest of the gallery!