Current Version: 1.3

The drop box has been updated with the latest changes for the 9 player expansion. This update was focused at bringing the latest House Arryn graphics up to date with the ones I created for the Feast for Crows Expansion. Complete list of changes is as follows:

  • Consolidated the changes from v1.1 and v1.2 into the main game.
  • House Arryn gets a graphical update. All of the graphics for Arryn have been updated to look more like the official “Feast for Crows” graphics. This includes power tokens, garrison, orders, supply barrels, house cards and house screens.
  • The map has been with new Arryn Symbol
  • Updated text for clarification on Deck IV (Wolfs Attack, Storm at Sea)


Changes for Version: 1.2

We had the full 9 player game this weekend, and a couple of things stood out as needed to be changed for game balancing. I added the new cards to the Drop Box

  • Bolton: “Old Walder Frey” has been changed, the text now says “excluding this card”, we found that this card was too powerful otherwise, letting Bolton get the entire hand back if they lose a combat. Which
    effectively means that Bolton only fights with 4 and 3 most of the time.
  • Baratheon: “Asha Greyjoy” card text not read “if you are NOT being supported”. Due to Baratheon’s unique position in the north, their navy will NOT be supported about 90% of the time, which made the original text of the card useless. This will make the card useful and give them an edge over

Changes for Version: 1.1

After playing a 9 person game a few times, it became clear that to make the game more fun for everyone, some adjustments had to be made. Additionally, I also added a new design for the Deck IV and wildling cards.

All of the custom game files have been updated to include the latest updates.

Here is a complete list of changes v1.1:

  • Wild ling cards have been redone, all penalties are harsher and all benefits are increased. I found that the Wildlings became not that important to the game, so the idea is to make wildlings a factor to be aware of. With the old cards, the penalties were designed to be for 6 people, and having 9 people made the cards too insignificant.
  • New design and small penalty changes for the deck IV cards. They now add a higher chance of instability with potential to lay all your plans to waste!
  • Rule Change: Ships can only be recruiter in the territories with Ports. When the ship is recruited, it can be launched into: port, or the sea where the port is located. This is a change from the original rulers where the ship could be launched into any sea connecting to province, this change is to make Baratheon’s play more strategic by holding on to the port of Deepwood. Additionally this makes the power play for naval control between Dorne and White Targaryen more interesting and fair.
  • Rule Change: Garrisons, home garrisons start with power of 2. When the city gets conquered, the garrison is destroyed. If the original house takes back the castle, the garrison is back with a strength of 1.
  • Relocation: The need for this became apparent when we noticed that some houses could be crippled in the first move and it would take them a long time to recover, if they ever do. This made it the game not fun to play for people who got hit. You get hit on round 1 and become weak for the next 5 hours. So I made some starting changes that should prevent any killing blows on the first move, because of this everyone should have a fair chance in turn 2. So if you get hit hard on the 2nd turn, it’s because of player error and not starting position disadvantage.
  • Greyjoy Changes:

1) Pike’s troops have been moved out of Searoad Marches, their presence there just made it hard for Greyjoys to be competitive until turn 3, and it also stopped Lannisters and Tyrell’s from fighting each

2) Pike now starts with: 1 footman in Pike, 1 Ship in Ironman’s bay, 1 Ship in Blazewater Bay, 1 Footman and 1 Knight in Flint’s finger.

3) Accordingly, they move to Position 2 on Victory and Position 1 on Supply.

4) With this relocation, Pike has now has an option of moving into Seagard/Twins area or move north/south. Essentially it gives them options, which can make them more competitive and not have to wait until turn 3.

  • Baratheon: Due to relocation of Greyjoys closer to the north, Baratheon had the footman in Deepwood upgraded to a knight. Just a bit of extra strength to help them in case Greyjoy decided to go all out on
  • White Targaryen: The only change that has been done, is to make it so that all of White Targaryen’s ships start in port. This seems like a minor change, but it has huge ramifications for the region.

1) White Targaryen is no longer able to take over Dorne’s sea on first turn, thus making Dorne’s life a living hell due to no fault of their own. The first turn will now be spent moving the ships into the ocean, and thus giving Dorne a fair chance to prepare for turn 2. If Dorne doesn’t, then it’s a player error and not a game disadvantage. Just making it even.

2) Additionally, Purple Targaryen can now not worry about White Targaryen and focus on taking King’s landing in Turn 1 or 2. It’s risky, but at least it gives them options and doesn’t force them to huddle
around Dragonstone.

  • Everyone else: no changes to starting location, all other houses cannot be mortally wounded on round 1. They all have a fair chance in play.